Flashlight 2 for 1

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Aplication

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Flashlight: 2 for 1™ is simply the best flashlight download available. Why? Because you get not one, but TWO awesome flashlight apps in ONE convenient download – for FREE. This is NOT a trial version, you get to keep both flashlights and use them forever! Why pay for any other flashlight when this one comes with everything you will ever need for free?

1. Back Flashlight: Uses the super-bright camera light – easily light up a whole room
2. Front Flashlight: More ambient, subdued light that uses the display and LED in brightest white possible – great for movie theaters, baby rooms and other places where you want something not as bright

★ Two flashlight apps in one download
★ Brightest flashlight available for BlackBerry
★ Flashlight stays on for unlimited amount of time, controlled by you
★ Optimized for lowest battery and memory usage
★ Simple to use and 100% effective!
★ No ads!

Pro Tips:
★ Apply to side convenience key for quickest, most effective flashlight access
★ If your BlackBerry doesn’t have a flash, the app will automatically use the front-facing display/LED combination instead
★ When using the Front Flashlight, press the space bar for more colors…White, Red, Purple & Green…how cool is that?!

★ Two separate flashlight icons will appear on your device – “Back Flashlight” uses the camera flash, and “Front Flashlight” uses the LED & Display combination
★ This app is brought to you by Motek Mobile, the most trusted name in BlackBerry app development
★ We are a BlackBerry Elite Alliance Member – this ensures that you get the best quality applications possible!





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