BBEscreen Activator for your HandHeld

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Aplication

As we all know Engineer Screen is a hidden screen of the Blackberry which is quite interesting. When activated this screen you can access deeper to your BlackBerry system, help us fix and adjust the phone. Currently there are many websites and softwares can generate activation code for Escreen but not any support on the BlackBerry ( no software on Blackberry do this ).And now a software called BBEscreen Activator can generate activation code for Escreen on your Blackberry (Thanks to NguyenLong as a creator).

A.1.Features: Get Key to enable the hidden screen.
A.2.Platform: Runs on all BlackBerry phones.
A.3.Strong Points: Creating key to activate the hidden screen without the computer .
A.4.Author: Long Nguyen PFIEV2007, HoChiMinh City University of Technology.
A.5.Size: 24Kbs

How to use:

1 – Click on the icon BBEscreen.

2 – Fill the frame AppVersion fully.

3 – Fill the frame uptime ( to find out Uptime, you press ALT + CAP + H or ALT + EACE to activate HelpMe screen then switches to BBEScreen Application and then fill in Uptime )

4 – Select Duration

5 – Click menu-> Get Key -> Done.

6 – Switch Application to net_rim_escreen_app then press the keys generated by BBEscreen Activator

7 – See the result

* Note: when booting, the program will automatically take part AppVersion PIN ,you have to fill in the (???) to complete Bundle version to get the exact key.

Tambahan Penjelasan dari HolicBox
Untuk mendapatkan key yg dibutuhkan dalam pengaktifan Engineering Screen bisa menggunakan BBEscreen

sedikit tutorial dari saya untuk mengaktifan Engineering Screen (key generator menggunakan BBEscreen) :

1. buka aplikasi BBEscreen, kemudian tekan alt + ^aA + h untuk membuka help screen
biasanya help screen bisa di buka dimana saja
2. setelah help screen muncul, catat data yang diperlukan, seperti app version dan uptime
app version harus sesuai dengan apa yang tertera di help screen, begitu juga dengan uptime
3. switch application dengan cara menahan tombol menu bb kemudian switch ke BBEscreen
4. kemudian masukan data yang dibutuhkan seperti app version dan uptime, lalu pencet menu BB, pilih get key, dan catat kembali KEY yang di dapat tadi
5. switch application lagi dengan cara menahan tombol menu bb kemudian switch ke Help Screen (Help Me!)
6. ketik key yang di dapat tadi pada help screen ini… untuk angka menggunakan alt , untuk huruf langsung di tekan saja
7. DONE ! selamat datang di engineering screen


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